Craftsmen and their cities

Artesanos en Córdoba

Córdoba is a city with a huge cultural and monumental legacy. Its strategic location, close to the Guadalquivir river, once navigable, and the heritage of the different towns...

...settled in its rich lands, have made it a privileged place. Unesco has recognized the universal importance of Cordoba's historical assets and its intangible heritage . Córdoba has 4 inscriptions on the World Heritage List: The Mosque of Córdoba (1984), the Historic Center (1994), the Fiesta de los Patios (2012) and The Caliphal City of Medina Azahara (2018) . The city also boasts shared titles in Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity awarded to Flamenco (2010) and the Mediterranean Diet (2013). The handicrafts of Córdoba are of great importance in the city, with the Historic Complex having the declaration of Area of ​​Artisan Interest (ZIA) granted by the Andalusian Government. In the city there are artisan workshops dedicated to ceramics, jewelry, goldsmiths, leather goods, musical instruments, textile crafts, and the work of materials such as stone, marble, plaster, wood, cork or cardboard stone. Ceramic In ceramics we find artisan workshops dedicated to the elaboration of traditional tiles, the recovery of caliphal ceramics and even rakú ceramics (of oriental origin). Caliphal ceramics are characterized by their perfect turning, the application of engobes and the polychromy of the ornamental motifs in green and dark and gray ranges, with a highly stylized decoration and with images of turkeys, hares and other natural figures. Jewelry Córdoba jewelry is an activity of great economic and social importance in the city, in which the Cordovan filigree stands out as the most characteristic technique. This consists of welding very fine threads with a metal, generally gold or silver, which make up elaborate pieces forming a lace-like pattern, whose most notable decorative motifs are inspired by the Mosque and Medinat Al-Zahra. Leather In leather work, the cordobanes and the guadamecíes stand out. The guadamecí is the most beautiful adaptation of tanned sheepskin to the exterior decoration using ferreteado, gilt and polychrome panels. The cordobanes were the goat or goat hides tanned in Córdoba in the early days of the emirate, for whose quality, flexibility, softness and long duration, were highly esteemed and in demand at the time. Musical instruments The art of the luthier has renowned guitar makers in Córdoba, who have achieved great national and international prestige for their classical and flamenco guitars.