Politique de confidentialité

In order to allow you to browse our site with confidence, the Organization of World Heritage Cities (OWHC) adheres to strict security measures and to the protection of privacy and personal information.

Definition of personal information

Personal data is information about an identifiable individual under the applicable Canadian privacy law (i. e. , federal, provincial and territorial law). This includes any information that may be used to distinguish, identify or contact a particular individual. Personal data may also include opinions, beliefs and facts relating to or concerning the person. Commercial contact information and certain publicly available information, such as names, addresses and telephone numbers published in telephone directories, will not be considered personal data. When an individual uses their personal contact information as professional contact information, we consider the contact information provided to be professional contact information. Therefore, they cannot be subject to the same level of protection as personal data.

Privacy and data protection policy

In order to protect the confidential nature of the personal data obtained on the site www. ovpm. org, the OWHC has implemented effective measures to manage them with discretion and rigour. This prevents the loss or unauthorized use of the information obtained.

Collected data

The personal data collected by the OWHC may include: name, professional title, organization, city, country, e-mail address, telephone number, language preferences and areas of interest and expertise.

Use of personal information

The OWHC does not transmit any personal information about its members or participants in the collaboration space. No user profile is created or transmitted to a third party based on the information obtained.

Access to personal data

Subject to certain exceptions, which are provided by applicable privacy law or the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, you have the right to be informed of the personal data we hold about you and to whom we may have disclosed such data. You also have the right to make corrections if you believe that any personal data we have about you may be inaccurate. For more information, you may contact the OWHC Privacy Officer.

Andréanne Charest
Administratrice de programmes / Programs Administrator
+1 418-692-0000
acharest@ovpm. org