Craftsmen and their cities

Artesanos en Segovia

The industrial production model has partially destroyed Segovian crafts. Some of the products that reach the stores and large stores with the appearance of artisan products, actually come from massive...

...industrial productions that, with small variations, can be found in souks around the world. In this society, perplexed by so many changes, the one that had retained and always remains a gap where the water emerges, that is, the breath, the throbbing that hands leave in a personalized production. In Segovia, a city with pastoral and peasant roots, craftsmanship beats in its architecture, not only through the stonemasons, but also through its sgraffito and the roof tiles, which attract so much attention from visitors. The artisan workshops of Segovia drink in two springs basically, that of the old trades such as pottery, textiles, engraving, sculpture carving, iron forging, embroidery ... and that of the artistic world, that is, schools of art that have infected at least in part the old trades with designs and renewed contributions. The thousand-year-old city suddenly offers the consolation of small workshops that meet strollers. Embossed with metals, ceramics, bookbinders, jewelers, musical instruments, perfumes, furs, regional costumes or glass. How glass will not appear having a step away, in La Granja de San Ildefonso, the Royal Glass Factory from whose classrooms a cast of artists have emerged. Some of the teachers inherited the trade from the family tradition, others have learned them in schools where artistic influence is decisive. Hence, relevant figures with a recognizable style also float in small artisan workshops. Tradition and avant-garde shake hands and put their own accent in front of a world that is becoming more uniform every day.