Summary and Proposal of the Arts and Crafts Profect of World Heritage Cities

Summary and Proposal of the Arts and Crafts Project of World Heritage Cities


With regard to the crafts and visual decontamination project, the following report has been drawn up with some proposals to be considered for inclusion in the project.

If one considers the level of protection and special characteristics of World Heritage Cities and Sites, it is apparent that the activities that are currently most prevalent in these areas are those connected to retailing and tourism.

Craft and artistically creative shops and workshops link both activities as a sustainable economic activity capable of maintaining a resident population.

The goal of this project is to promote the World Heritage Cities’ (OWHC) homegrown crafts by creating a “Seal of Craft Quality” that brings together, under a shared nomenclature, all the artisanal work carried out in the cities concerned, to be able to differentiate it from industrialised work and characterised by a set of distinct goals:

  • Reducing the negative effects of visual contamination in the areas around heritage sites produced by the aesthetics of many businesses devoted to selling craft wares.
  • Succeeding in conserving and conveying the ambience of traditional craft work linked to the World Heritage sites.to future generations
  • Fostering the establishment of a new generation of craft and artistic design jobs.
  • Publicising the display and sale of traditional homegrown craftwork, subject to criteria of quality and authenticity.
  • Promoting local craftspeople and the process of making their products.
  • Raising awareness among those operating shops located in the conservation areas regarding the display and sale of local craft products, whether in-person or online.


  1. Work carried out in 2017 and 2018:

Definition and regulations governing the Seal of Quality.

Seal of Quality approved in 2017 for promoting crafts.

Talks and organisation of the 1st World Heritage Cities Craft Fair held in Granada 18 – 21 December 2018.

Getting the information website www.ciudadespatrimonio.eu up and running.

  1. Proposals for 2019:

Holding the 2nd World Heritage Cities Craft Fair.

Extending the services and information available on the website.

Proposal to broaden the project: diversification that encompasses more aspects than those envisaged at first and that provides us with a strategic plan for improving the following aspects and the elements requiring evaluation:

Seal of Quality: One of the project’s main priorities is the implementation of a seal of quality that together with the dissemination undertaken through the dedicated website would be capable of raising the profile and enhancing the marketing of the crafts and art created in World Heritage Cities.

Extension to the creative industries: it is proposed that the seal be extended by using the same symbol for other economic activities operating at World Heritage locations and serving to identify them geographically. It would be necessary to apply the existing “Integrated System of Tourist Quality in Destinations” (SICTED) quality systems, which incorporate quality procedures and processes for all public services

Identifying places for displaying crafts: The management of spaces for potential sales of crafts by qualified craftspeople, live demonstrations, short courses for aficionados, talks and conferences; in short, ensuring interaction with local residents and tourists such that it can be come self-financing.

Official recognition from the competent authorities in each country: Recognition of the accredited hallmark of quality for crafts, with an annual assessment for all the hallmarks centred on the heritage management entities in each city.

Creation of similar municipal bylaws in the cities that make up the project, setting out the regulations governing artistic activities at World Heritage sites.



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